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Unity 4.2.1 unified & voicemail install & admin

Help!! I'm confused about this type of licensing. How does it work? Do I select voicemail option during the build to load exchange on the unity servers or do I select unified so it knows there is an external message store. If this is the case, how do I administer voicemail only accounts?

Thanks in advance


Re: Unity 4.2.1 unified & voicemail install & admin

Hi -

Unity 4.2(1) supports both UM licenses and VM licenses on the same server if that is what you want to do. Or you can purchase all UM licenses to start with if your intent is to move to unified messaging eventually. Check out this link -

A voicemail only solution can also integrate with Exchange off-box. This is the method I would recommend if you are thinking at all about deploying unified messaging. If you purchase Voicemail only licenses (which have a different product order number), you need to implement a naming standard, such as vm-xxxxx for these accounts. We also create a voicemail-only class of service that disables TTS, faxmail, etc. as well as hide these accounts from your AD global address list to avoid users sending email to these vm-xxxx accounts. For additional information, you can read the Unity 4.2 addendum guide - install section - which is based on the 4.0(5) with Exchange installation guide - (UM version) and (Voicemail only version).


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