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Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3


We are currently running Unity 4.2.1 (single server) and want to upgrade to Unity 8.0.3 on new hardware (Cisco MCS 7835-I)  I want to build the server with a new IP address but from what I have read the instructions only show how to build using the same IP? 

I ordered the Software from Cisco PUT and unsure the 1st disc I’m suppose to use to build the server.  I have the Prereq DVD and the Unity ASR Installation DVD.  The instructions say to use the Cisco Unity Platform Configuration disc but I don’t see this one?

After I get the server built what is the recommended migration path to the new server?  Which data store DVD do I use? Should I do a Dirt from the current server to the new server?  I read the Dirt has to be done from the same Unity version (i.e can’t do a dirt from 4.2 to 8.03). 

Any other help tips are appreciated!

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Re: Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3


A lot of customer are using Cobras to do a migration. This allows you to take a backup of 4.2.1 server and restore on the new 8.0.3 server.

You can read and watch training videos on the tool and decide if this works for you:

Having the new server on a different IP address shouldn't be an issue.



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Re: Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3

Cobras is also suggested some in the reconfiguration upgrade guide:



Re: Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3

I'd always go with COBRAS as it saves you time compared to DiRT and you retain quite a bit of data.  Here is a presentation on COBRAS - it is geared towards Unity Connection; however, it still gives quite a bit of info regarding COBRAS as well as a number of screen shots that illustrate basic usage.


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Re: Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3

I am doing same upgrade:   Unity 4.21  >   8.03.....on same server, voicemail only

Need to re-image OS to 2003 and install Exchange to 2003 and SQL

What happens to the 4.2.1 Unity Licenses for Mailboxes and

Unity Features?  Do I need to copy these licenses before re-imaging the server, and then re-apply them after I install Unity 8.03 ?

The only new license I have is the 8.0 upgrade license

Here is my upgrade path...please let me know if you see any issues:

Current Unity Server v4.21     Win2000  Exch 2000
1) Perform COBRAS backup of Unity 4.2.1
2) Copy current licenses off the 4.2.1 ?
3) Re-image server - install OS (2003), SQL, Exchange 2003, then Unity 8.0
4) re-apply old licenses, and new 8.0 upgrade license
5) test functionality with "test" subscriber
6) start COBRAS import  using COBRAS 4.2.1 subscriber data from step 1
I want to make sure I do not have issues with licenses !
Thank you for the assistance.
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Unity 4.2.1 upgrade to Unity 8.0.3


I am going to be upgrading Cisco Unity, for a customer who is running Unity on an exchange server, from version 4.2(1) to version 8.0(3). Per my customer, they are using RPC instead SMTP/VPIM. They currenly have Microsoft Exchange 2003 sp2. Will this upgrade completely wipe out the old version of Unity and load the new version (i/e upgrading CUCM from 4.X to 7.X) or will just load the latest/updated drivers on the Unity Server (i/e - upgrading CUCM 7.X up to 8.X)? Also, since they are not running SMTP/VPIM, how will this upgrade effect RPC?

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