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Unity 4.2 extension goes Busy

I've configured a Call handler (CH) which goes to VM if busy no answer, now the number after four rings goes busy, if you dial it through the CH or directly it rings busy after four rings. I changed the number and it worked over the weekend - now neither number works. I'm open to anything at this point.

Thanks Jim


Re: Unity 4.2 extension goes Busy

Hi Jim -

Does the CallManager directory number configuration settings have the correct Unity voicemail profile selected and is it checked to go to voicemail for RNA and Busy? If this the only extension that is having problems, I would try resetting the phone or CTI route point in CCM.


New Member

Re: Unity 4.2 extension goes Busy

the problem appears to be with CCM i'm running 4.1 - for some reason now dialing the number directly the call doesn't hit VM - I've created a hunt list - directing the call to the VM number which works, but still having problems directly dialing - on Saturday all worked today - nothing worked. I'm think there may be a bug assoicated with the new release 4.1 sr 6. But to your respond I'll reset the CTI port tonight after hours. Thanks for the tip - spending WHY to much time on this.


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