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Unity 4.2 to 5.0.1 Upgrade Licensing Issue

Hoping for HELP......We are upgrading from Unity 4.2 to 5.0.1 on a seperate MCS new install.We currently have 110 user licensed on our existing production install (4.2). When I go into the PUT to order the upgrades it appears as upgrade to 5.X Qty = 110. I entered 110 in the qty ordered field and about 10 days later the delivery truck showed up at my office with 2 pallett loads of boxes that half filled my data center. Is this correct? will I need to enter in 110 different PAK codes and receive 110 seperate licensing files to upload to Unity 5.X? This just does not seem right. Have opened TAC case with no resolve to date. Each box contains a complete upgrade install package with a PAK for 1 licensing.

PLEASE help...I need my data center back....

UPDATE - Our CFO saw the 2 mountains of Cisco boxes in the datacenter and was panic stricken, He is still in shock after the original Unity purchase which was contained in 2 boxes, 110 more boxes may have put him over the

Still in need of HELP.

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Re: Unity 4.2 to 5.0.1 Upgrade Licensing Issue

Hi Reggie,

First off, thanks for the levity in this really funny post. I know the situation isn't so funny but your description was priceless :)Hope the CFO has recovered! The person in the thread below ordered 200 of these kits by mistake (must have had 4 palletts!) There are also some good ideas to resolve this. You are probably better off dealing with;

rather than TAC on this one.

From Mahesh,

And from Tommer and Ginger;



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Re: Unity 4.2 to 5.0.1 Upgrade Licensing Issue

Thank you Rob, Tommer, and Ginger, I reviewed the link you have provided, and it all sounds very familiar. I do have one followup question, If I provide Cisco Licensing copies of my current Unity 4.2 licensing files, which total 110 users and the MAC address of the NIC on the new MCS, do you think they may accept that as proof of purchase and issue the new upgraded Unity Licensing?

Anyway...I will get an email off to the this evening and plead my case.

OBTW...I may have come up with a plan to rid myself of the mountain of boxes in my data center. I am planning on letting Cisco use my Florida data center as a shipping depot for customers in this area requireing Unity Upgrades.........

Have a great week.....

Re: Unity 4.2 to 5.0.1 Upgrade Licensing Issue

If you email with the following:

Quick description of what you are trying to do. (no longer than a paragraph. too much detail, they get easily confused :) )

- MAC address of OLD server

- MAC Address of NEW SERVER

- Subscriber Count on Old Server

- LIC file(s) from OLD Server

- SmartNet contract (this way, they will validate your upgrade before issuing your new licenses)

- PO helps or order number

- Entitlement number or copy of email that was sent during the Product Upgrade Tool

Good luck!

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