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Unity 4 And Exchange Mailbox limit sizes

We are running Unity 4 with exchange 2003; I am trying to turn on mailbox limits as some users thought it would be cool to have 10GB+ mailboxes. Management went with a 5GB limit and a 4GB warning.

The issue is that I cannot set these sizes in exchange I have to set them in AD. As exchange will not allow limits over 2GB. But when I set the limits if someone checks their voicemail on the phone they are prompted to delete old messages as the mailbox size is reaching the limit, even if they have no old voicemails. Then they cannot get to the new voicemails.

So I guess I want to know is there a way to set the limits over 2GB in a way that unity 4 will understand the limit sizes?
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Re: Unity 4 And Exchange Mailbox limit sizes

Thanks for the reply, but neither of those links are helpful.

The mailboxes are not full, but are reported as full by unity. The size limit is 5GB, with a warning limit as 4GB. A user has a mail box of 3GB and is told that they need to delete old messages.

Then 2nd link on how to set the limit isn't useful either as when you do those steps you cannot set the limit over 2GB, since the limits need to be 5GB, and 4GB warning I cannot set them in exchange they have to be set in AD. But once set in AD, unity reports the mailboxes as full, while they are not.

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