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unity 4 hardware migration

Here is the scenario:

we have 1 unity 4 server VMO.. End of life hardware

We are in route to upgrade to 5 and add failover here is our thinking:

Bring in new Message Store server make DC

Move mailboxes

Move FSMO Roles

Join new Unity Server and bring up

Run Dirt

Create and test an account on new server

Uninstall unity on Old server

Restore on new server

decomission old exchane server

run dcpromo to take out of domain

Then add in your failover:

A cisco Tac Engineer told us we would not need to Uninstall unity. It was my understanding that you need to take out the unity attributes. please advise

Cisco Employee

Re: unity 4 hardware migration

Everything you need is in this guide.

Unity 4.x

Unity 5.x

It's invaluable for these situations. In this case, you could look at changing the partner exchange server, seperating Unity and Exchange, and replacing or convertin a Cisco Unity server or failover servers.


New Member

Re: unity 4 hardware migration

Hi All need your help!

Here is my scenario.

I need to upgrade Unity in a UM enviroment Exchange 2003 to version 5.0.1 from 4.2.1, then add a failover server for this unity.

I'm thinking about doing it the following way.

1.Add the failover to the current Unity 4.2.1, then once I know all is working fine upgrade the first Unity server 4.2.1 to version 5.0.1 then upgrade the second Unity to 5.0.1

Is this a good approach? I'm trying to minimized downtime.



Re: unity 4 hardware migration

Upgrading the OS?

Replacing hardware?

New Member

Re: unity 4 hardware migration

Hope I'm clear

One of the Unity servers ver 4.2.1 is already running on windows 2003. I need to upgrade this server to Unity 5.0.1(same hardware) and since its already running windows 2003, all I have to do is upgrade the Unity software version to 5.0.1, however, I need to add a 2nd Unity as failover also needs to be running 5.0.1. My question is

Scenario 1

Should I do the failover configuration while still running 4.2.1 in order to minimized downtime (since one unity is down the other is still running)

then upgrade both Unity to version 5 one at a time, or just upgrade the 1st Unity 4.2.1 to version 5.0.1 then configured/add the failover Unity to the cluster, however i feel More downtime is required with this last option


Any help will be appreciated


Re: unity 4 hardware migration

If you are staying in VMO, it's pretty easy to just create an entire new domain for this.

Create your domain

Install Unity 4.x, Exchange etc.

DIRT backup

DIRT restore

The Dirt restore will re-create the Exchange and AD accounts for you, restore the Unity DB, etc.

Once it's all working on the new hardware, etc, then proceed with the inplace upgrade to Unity 5.x.

Messing around with FSMO, Exchange , etc is really not necessary. Unless you have some complelling reason to keep the VMO domain running or for something else? I typically look at VMO domains for Unity as "short life" domains. They are only built to run Unity VMO and nothing more. If you are installing a new VMO server and upgrading all this stuff, it's much easier to create new in my opinion. Nobody likes decommisioning Exchange, FSMO roles and all the fun MSFT stuff that goes along with it.

hope this helps

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