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Unity 4.X Licensing

I have installed Unity 4.0(5) on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP1 which its partner server is Exchange 2003. The Exchange server is dedicated with 2 mail stores just for voice mail.

The customer does not want to go unified at this time, so we created a seperate OU for VoiceMail accounts, which are different then their doamin account, like UserID_VoiceMail.

We have license for 2500 VoiceMail/Subscribers, 125 Unified Messaging, no TTS, 2 languages, no vpim or any other items.

When you install Unity my options are VoiceMail only or Unified. Since Unity resides on 2003 the docs say ONLY unified is supported.

1. If I choose VM only will it break the system?

2. What license will it use first when I add a subscriber? The VM or Unified?

3. Does this break any license agreement by Cisco?

4. Are there different attributes for VM compared to Unified Messaging that it tags the subscriber with?

5. Can I use both types of license if the are installed or just one or the other?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 4.X Licensing

First, the licensing discussion is really one you should have with your account team - any answers you get out here are not legally binding by any stretch. That said...

1. No.

2. When you install Unity you can apply one license - it's either UM or it's VM - there's no mixing at this point (this is something to bring up with your account team if you'd like to push to have mixed UM/VM supported).

3. No - if you install VM only you are fine if you are not using TTS (which wont be allowed in your COS) and you are not accessing voice mail from any desktop application other then the seperatey licensed web inbox from Cisco. That's it.

4. No.

5. See answer to #2 - there's no mixing supported at this point.

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Re: Unity 4.X Licensing

Thanks for the insight, I thought that it was one way or the other as far as licensing but wanted to make sure.

Merry Christmas!



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