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Unity 404 DC/GC Reconnect Tool automation


Does anyone know of a way to automatically kick off full DC and GC resyncs on a regular schedule?

Any way to trigger the DC/GC tool to run in the background and do this or do this using Doh Prop resync option?

Here's an expmanation of why.

We are running about 6 Unity 4.0.4SR1 primary/failover Unity clusters globally in a VM only configuration with a dedicated Exchange 2K mailstore off box. We are integrated with our corporate AD structure but NOT UM. WE have had many issues for some time regarding Unity clusters not syncing properly with AD on a regular bases resulting in 1 Unity not knowing about all of the changes from another Unity like subscriber adds/deletions etc. This ends up resulting in cross-box transfers failing as well as Unity License pooling breaking frequently. We have work long with TAC on this and the only remaining suggestions is to upgrade to Unity 5.0 which we are planning for late next year but in the mean time we were hoping to automate DC/GC resync processes.


Re: Unity 404 DC/GC Reconnect Tool automation

Hello Mark,

You can create a scheduled task on Windows in order to restart the following services:



Those two services are in charge of the directory and upon start the service will perform a sync with the Domain or AD.

Restarting those services is not going to impact Unity in any way.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Unity 404 DC/GC Reconnect Tool automation


Thanks for the response. We have been trying service restarts as you mention but they are not kicking off a full sync. The event log does not report that a full sync is starting nor do the services use CPU cycles so as far as we can tell, restarting the service, either DSAD or GC is not forcing a full resync to start.


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