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Unity 5.0.1 Call Handler Recording Time

I am setting up a call handler that has a length recording time and it time on our recording the greeting at 90 seconds. Only setting I found for greeting record time is under subscriber>class of service. Was set at 90 seconds, which I increased but the problem still exists. Is there a place to change the greeting time of a Call Handler somewhere that I am missing?


Re: Unity 5.0.1 Call Handler Recording Time

The greeting length for a call handler is determined by the greeting length for the subscriber recording the greeting. So, you can change the recording length in the CoS for the subscriber that you're using to edit the Call Handler. There is an issue if you are logging into the SA with the default admin account. See the following quote from the bug linked below.

"By default when you choose your System Administration account during Cisco Unity setup, the setup program associates the AD account you chose with a dummy Unity subscriber account called "installer". This account does not show up in the SA so you are not able to configure it.

Use the GrantUnityAccess utility to associate your Active Directory account with a real Cisco Unity Subscriber which is accessable via the SA Web interface where you can configure which Phone System Integrarion that account is associated with, which COS/Restrriction tables are assigned for such things as allowed transfer/notification numbers, and max greeting length, etc."

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