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Unity 5.0(1) Duplicate VM wav files

We just recently upgraded to Unity 5.0(1) UM Exchange from 4.2(1) UM Exchange.  So far one user reported that some of his VM in Outlook had duplicate wav files attached of the message left on account.  Is this a bug?  Should I try to delete the subscriber and try to re-add it.  Could it be related to the required schema expansion associtated with the 4.2(1) to 5.0(1) upgrade.  This problem might be more wide spread in my environment since technically the Viewmail client still works and plays only one of the VM messages instead of all of them.  The dublicate attached wav files are all identical in file size and content.  Also the total message size reflects the sum of all the attached wav files.

Unity 5.0(1)

Exchange 2003 current SP

AD 2008 r2

Viewmail 8

Office 2010 / Outlook 2010

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.0(1) Duplicate VM wav files


If this is just one user I suggest checking the configuration on the exchange side for this user. Also you may want to check the client machine that is receiving the messages to make sure there is no AV or scanning software that could be duplicating the wav files. First thing is always to identify the differences between this one user and other users that are not experiencing the issue.

I checked and could not find any defects that match an issue where duplicate wav files are sent in the voicemails. This does not sound like something that would occur on the unity side.

Do the duplicate wav files always come from the same user? Do they occur at a particular time of day?

Is the issue reproducible?

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.0(1) Duplicate VM wav files


I am familiar with another issue similar to yours where duplicate wav files appeared as attachments in Outlook.

It ended up being an issue in Outlook. They turned off Cached Exchange Mode.

You could give this a try for an Outlook client that has showed this symptom. Then see if new messages left after the change have duplicate attachments.

If it doesn't address then you could re-enable the setting.

I think these are good directions to check and modify the setting if you decide to:



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