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Unity 5.0(1) Installation Issues

We have a new Unity 5.0(1) unified messaging application that we are trying to put into service. I can import users from exchange 2003, the user can log on create a greeting change passwords, etc, everything appears to be working properly. When I call the end user I hear their greeting but when I get to the point where I expect to hear the beep to leave a message I get "the system is temporarily unable to complete your call" and then the call disconnects. I have run the Cisco Unity System Configuration Check application and everything comes back as a success. I have attached some messages that I am seeing in the event log.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.0(1) Installation Issues

The application Event log errors you attached (copied below) are being generated by Unity's CsBMsgConnector service which periodically checks the USbms_ Exchange mailbox to see if there are any broadcast messages. The errors often indictive of a permissions issue. I suspect there are a diffrent set of errors in the application event log when you attempt to leave a message as you described in your post. Without seeing them, I can only guess that they are caused by some kind of permissions issue as well.

I would suggest running the running the Permissions Wizard.

Message 1: (Event ID 32013) Doh logon failed due to messaging component logon error: 8004052eH

Message 2: (Event ID 32012) An occurred which prevents successful Exchange access by CsBMsgConnector via MAPI.

This is typically an indication of configuration issues with Unity, Exchange, or the MAPI subsystem.

Verify that the Unity services accounts are granted the correct permissions and that there are no issues with installation. The SysCheck utility may assist in diagnosing the problem.

Message 3: (Event ID 30003) An attempt to access the Primary Exchange Mailbox Store by CsBMsgConnector via MAPI has failed. The MAPI subsystem return the following error: The information store could not be opened..

Community Member

Re: Unity 5.0(1) Installation Issues

I have re-run the permissions wizard and it runs successfully, but the problem still exists after that.

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