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Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails

A customer is running Unified Unity 5 with Exchange 2003, CM 6.1.

What happened was that they said they were not receiving voicemails either MWI or email. I checked the Unity logs and Unity lost the MAPI connection of their DC server. I could see in the logs where a person tried to leave a voicemail but it would say "recipient lacked an email box" when the person finished leaving.

I checked the UnityMTA failed folder and it was empty. So I ran the Message Store wizard and it synced back up with their exchange server. The problem is is that those messages from when it broke to now are gone. I had them try logging into OWA with unityadmin and unityinstall, but those accounts do not have email rights. I did a search for .wav on the Unity server and did not see any voicemails.

Is there ANY other way to find those voicemails??



Re: Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails

Hi -

You might look in the Example Administrator's inbox, where unaddressed messages go. Also check the base UnityMTA folder as well, not just the Failed folder. If you see messages in the UnityMTA folder, restart the AvUMRSyncSvr service on the Unity server (doing so does not impact voicemail functionality).


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails

To add to Gingers response, here's the doc explaining unaddressed messages:

I was able to login to the Eadmin's mailbox via OWA, but had to change the password in AD first.



Re: Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails

Are you able to run a trace and check what email address it is being sent to. I recently had a major issue with legacy email accounts, that prevented vmail going to the correct mailbox but it is not retained in the MTA folder. This was caused by a previous migration from an Exchange 5.5 which had the info retained.



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Re: Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails

Thanks for the response but I logged in via Eadmin and did not see any messages from the time it broke. The UnityMTA folder did not have any messages in it either.

Re: Unity 5.0.1 lost voicemails


Can you post what kind of application & system errors you can see in event viewer !

It will give you some hints for sure !



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