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Unity 5.0 License Issues.

We have a Unity server and its licenses say they're set to expire on Sundsy, (9/21). However, we have installed permanent licenses and rebooted the server. Did we miss something? Or will it just display the current license and expiration until it expires, and then show the permanent license? We don't want to get fried on Monday.


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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

Open up license manager and run the wizard and you will see multiple license files entries in there, remove the one thats temporary and you should no more see those error messages. You can actually open the file in notepad to see which one is permanent, make sure you save the file back in .lic extension.


Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

What Shabbir said is correct, if you still get errors though this is serious so send screen shots of the lic manager.


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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

Thanks for the info. A colleague of mine contacted Cisco and they sent him a new license file. According to them we are to install the file, which has now been done, and give it another reboot, which will be done tonight. They advised not to delete any license files.

We're going to stick with this plan for now since Cisco is on board, but my gut is telling me to get rid of those files.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the prompt replies.

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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

Hi Gregory,

Just to ad a note to the good info from Randy and Shabbir. The process should be exactly like this one shown below;

Converting a Cisco Unity Demonstration System to a Standard System

To Convert a Demonstration System to a Standard System


Step 1 Log on to Windows by using the Cisco Unity installation account.

Step 2 Exit the Cisco Unity software.

Step 3 Double-click the Cisco Unity Tools Depot icon on the desktop.

Step 4 Under Administration Tools, double-click License File Install Wizard.

Step 5 On the Welcome screen of the wizard, click Next.

Step 6 Click the name of the demonstration license file (CiscoUnity50.lic or the time-limited license file), and click Delete to remove the demonstration license file from the list. (The file will not be deleted from your local system.)

Step 7 Click Add.

Step 8 Insert the Cisco Unity license file disk, if applicable.

(When Cisco Unity was registered on, Cisco replied with an e-mail containing an attached file with licenses for Cisco Unity features. The instructions in the e-mail directed that the attached file be saved.)

Step 9 Browse to drive A or to the location where the license files have been stored.

Step 10 Double-click the license file to add it to the License Files list.

If prompted, click Yes to copy the license file to the local system.

Step 11 If you are adding more than one license file, click Add, and repeat Step 9 and Step 10 for each license file.

Step 12 Click Next.

Step 13 In the Licenses list, confirm that the license information is correct.

Step 14 Click Next.

Step 15 Click Finish.

Step 16 Restart the Cisco Unity server.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

Thanks for the info. I submitted the plan to delete the temp license files in case rebooting doesn't work.

I'll be doing this sometime after 7:00 est tonight, so I'll let you know how I make out.

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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

Hey guys, here's the latest..Cisco found a bug with the license tool and it is corrupting every new installed license.

We're waiting on new licenses and a reboot.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again.

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Re: Unity 5.0 License Issues.

It looks like we're all set. There was some issue with the license installer wizard and corrupted license files but it looks like we're in the cear.

Thanks for the info. I wasn't the lead for this issue but I'll keep the info you guys gave.

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