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Unity 5.0 using AD username and passwords from Trusted domain

I am working on implementing Unity 5.0.

We will be implementing unity in it's own AD domain. I would like to have users be able to use there username and passwords from an external trusted domain to access the Unity CiscoPCA site. Is this possible? I've been searching for hours for the answer but cannot find it.


Re: Unity 5.0 using AD username and passwords from Trusted domai

Sounds like your voicemail only setup. To utilize what you are trying to probably will not be possible. Why?

The AD account is tied to the Exchange Mailbox, which is tied the subscriber account in Unity. You have AD accounts in Domain A (assuming production) and Exchange, etc.

In Domain B you have AD and Exchange Unity. Trusting the domains only gives access to shared resources between domains. (file and print sharing, etc).

For Unity to work, Exchange, AD and the accounts must be in the same forest. A trusted external domain will not work correctly for Unity.

They may be able to access the PCA page, but to login, there is no way to challenge/response for this because the PCA login is tied to the Subscriber unity account (which is tied to the AD/Exchange account it uses)

make sense? I have not tried this, so I could be wrong, but I dont see anyway possible.

That is the one problem people have with VM only domains, the logins and passwords do not match production logins and passwords. it's the one drawback when using VM only. Admins still need to take care of (2) different AD domains users. If PCA is a deal breaker, I would go for Unified deployment. And if you do not want the email with UM, create a secondary account:

John Doe (Production email)

John Doe V-mail (production email, but hidden from the GAL)


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Re: Unity 5.0 using AD username and passwords from Trusted domai

Thank you for the reply. We are currently migrating from UM for Lotus Domino to VM only. I was afraid that was going to be the answer. This issue I have with UM with Exchange is that the messaging team is implementing Exchange 2007 and hosting at MSO and MS has advised against putting Unity in the same domain with exchange 2003. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Luckily the users are used to having a different user id and password already. Thanks!

Re: Unity 5.0 using AD username and passwords from Trusted domai

Yeah, you may want to bypass PCA all together. its nice to have, but it can be adminstrative nightmare with support and un/pwds.


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