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Unity 5.0 Win OS upgrade path

I have a customer currently is running Unity 5.0 on Win 2003. The Win OS version is However, the customer wants to upgrade the OS patches but I couldn't find any upgrade path.

On the CCO download page (, the oldest release I found is Win-OS-Upgrade-k9.2003-1-1-sr2.exe but that needs a minimum OS requirement of 2003.1.1. This is specified on the Readme file:

So what do i need to do to upgrade this Win OS

I have spent the whole day on this but couldn't find any CCO documentation suggesting what is the upgrade path. Would appreciated anyone's help.



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Re: Unity 5.0 Win OS upgrade path

your confusing the OS, you're looking into CUCM OS OPTIONS, NOT MEANT FOR UNITY

there is a reason those are under the CUCM section on downloads and not under unity, and that is to avoid this

fot unity it's either 2000 or 2003 depending on the version, exchange, etc

look at the installation instructions and unity requirements

if you're already on 2003 there is no upgrade path at the time other than SR from microsoft, no higher version is compatible at the time



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Re: Unity 5.0 Win OS upgrade path

Hello Java,

Yes, the Unity server was installed about 3 months ago and from day 1 it is already on Win 2003.

So there is no Win OS upgrade for Unity at all??

Re: Unity 5.0 Win OS upgrade path

CUCM has "Cisco OS" upgrades. (even though it's windows, it's Cisco OS"

For Unity though, it should have been installed with the Unity Platform Discs that use Windows 2003 as the base. (no "special" load like Cisco OS". If somehow someone loaded the Cisco OS for CUCM and used it for Unity, they should be slapped on the wrist and make them go back and reload it correctly. It's an unsupported by Cisco and huge issue for the customer.

You can load Unity (2) ways only. Cisco Platform Discs or load it manually with a Windows 2003 or 2000 disc from MSFT. Either way is supported.

As for the window patches, you can download the Cisco Unity Windows Update package. It will scan the system apply missing patches where needed for the Windows 2003, Exchange and SQL.

In CCO, under Unity 5.x, click the Windows updates package. It's about 300 megs and release monthly or every other month I believe.



Re: Unity 5.0 Win OS upgrade path

tcatlinins is exactly right and it has always been this way.

I really hope that the installer did not use the cucm OS.

Tommer gets 5 points from me.


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