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Unity 5 and two Exchange 2003 msg stores


I have a failover Unity 5 cluster. I have two exchange 2003 servers which I'm planning to use as msg store. The old msg store is homing 5000 users mailboxes and is configured with an old unity cluster. I am incorporating the new exchange msg store in order to load balance the message store. Now, I have defined the new message stores as both the old exchange server and the new exchange server but what about placing the message store mailbox? Which server should I select?

There's no clustering between the exchange servers.

Also, is GSM the fastest way to move 2500 mailboxes from one message store to another?

We have single AD forest and both exchange servers are 2003. The old server is configured with Unity 4.0.4 and new Unity ver is 5.0



Re: Unity 5 and two Exchange 2003 msg stores

GSM will move a subscriber from one Unity server to another Unity server. However GSM does not change the mailstore or move the mailbox. You need to do that in exchange or another tool.

The subscriber will still be homed on the same Exchange server and mailstore after the move in GSM.

RLP - I love GSM though. Moving all my 4.21 subscribers to 7.02 now with GSM.

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