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Unity 5 call handler opt out to extension Strangeness

I have a call handler in Unity 5.0 that lets you opt out of the greeting by dialing an extension.

Everything works fine, except: The outside caller who opts out by dialing the extension is released to CUCM 6.1.

The extension  (1234) they dialed is set up to go to voicemail 25 seconds, or about

5 rings. The caller only hears 2 rings. Each ring has an extended period of silence between the two rings.

The person receving the call hears all 5 rings. These are outside calls coming in through a 2651 series gateway MGCP T1 port.

Any ideas?

Community Member

Re: Unity 5 call handler opt out to extension Strangeness

Assuming you are doing release to switch here but in either case whenever a caller hears a ringback they are getting it from a device other then Unity or UC.

The transfer out call will be a regular transfer like a phone from CM's perspective.

You call Unity, Unity hits transfer, dials the number and then hits transfer again.  At that point Unity is out of the loop until someone routes the call back into Unity.

If you did a supervised transfer you'd just hear the pretty music before the call got pulled back into Unity.  That might be a more stable solution if you don't need to hear the ringing.

Sorry not much I can offer from the Unity side here, the order to play ringing would come from whatever PBX (CM in this case) you were using in this situation not Unity.

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