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Unity 5 intergrated with Domino design questions around Domino cluster

Cisco Documenation states

Cisco Unity can service subscribers on multiple Domino servers. You specify one Domino server (the partner Domino server) through which Cisco Unity communicates with the other Domino servers.

Cisco Unity can also service subscribers on Domino clusters. If subscribers are homed on one or more Domino servers in a cluster, every Domino server in the cluster on which there will be Cisco Unity subscribers must have DUC installed.

What about this scenario when Unity is integrated with several domino clusters in the one domain Cisco talks only about "A" cluster(If subscribers are homed on one or more Domino servers in a cluster).

NOTE: For this design The primary server of each cluster is located in DC one the secondary server of the cluster in DC two.

Would just like to confirm that this design is supported by Unity ie. multiple Domino clusters all in the one doamin accesed through one partner server in each DC.The Cisco documentation isnt clear or doenst talk to this

please See attachment for high level tolpoloy overview

There will be Unity Subscribers spread across all the domino servers.

Thanks in Advance


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