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Unity 5 - Licensed Features

Hi guys, I have Unity 5 in a demo environment but I don't see an option for message monitor to enable it. I believe that the license I got includes this feature too but my question for you is; what do I have to have licensed in order to see message monitor, visual voicemail, etc.?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Unity 5 - Licensed Features

Phone view and message monitor are not licensed features. You can simply enable them by going to Unity Tools depot and click on the integrations and you will see a Phone View tab. This sets the global configurations for Phoneview, like Callmanager administrator user name and the CTI user you define in Callmanager. ( i am assuming you have already done all that).

Then under each Subscriber in Unity, under Features menu, you enable Message monitor.



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Re: Unity 5 - Licensed Features

Thanks Sankar. That's exactly what threw me off suspecting that I might not have license for this feature. I got the CTI user (Application User, correct?), phones associated with this user as well. In the Unity, I enabled the message monitor and updated user name and password for this application user associated with the phones but when I go in the Features menu for either user I don't see an option for Message Monitor.

I have Broadcast Messages with 2 selectable options.

I have Find Messages by Phone with 2 options and I have Message Security with 3 options. That's all I have under features for the subscriber. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

Re: Unity 5 - Licensed Features

Did you restart unity when it prompted you to do so after updating phone view settings ?

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Re: Unity 5 - Licensed Features

I did. I restarted the services but didn't restart the server and when you just mentioned it I went through the reboot process.

Same thing. I have the message monitor enabled and when I go to features I don't see that feature to check and enable for the user. Any ideas? Thanks for spending your time helping.

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