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Unity 5.x Unified Messaging - Question

Hi all

I'm using Unity 5.1 configured with a Microsoft Exchange 2007. It's happened that Exchange fell down and Unity save a local copy of messages left by users. I need to set Unity to do not save any messages if exchange fall again. I need that unity (on exchange fault) alerts my users giving a message like: "unity message system not available". How can I configure this option?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.x Unified Messaging - Question


Unity is designed to store messages locally and will inform users that the message store is offline:

Cisco Unity Functions When the Network Is Down

In addition to the SQL database that contains subscriber names and extensions, the Unity Messaging Repository (UMR) is also on the Cisco Unity server. When the partner Exchange server is down, an Exchange server on which Cisco Unity subscriber mailboxes are homed is down, or the network is down, Cisco Unity can still answer calls, allow unidentified callers to look up subscriber extensions, and take voice messages. During the outage, new voice messages are stored in the UMR on the Cisco Unity server. Subscribers checking their voice messages hear the UMR conversation, which explains that the Exchange server is not available and gives them access to voice messages that were left after the outage began. When the Exchange server or network comes back on line, the voice messages stored in the UMR are routed to the subscriber mailboxes. If a subscriber listens to a message while it is in the UMR, the message is still marked as new when it is delivered to the mailbox for the subscriber. This causes the MWI for the subscriber to light even though the subscriber has already heard the message.


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Re: Unity 5.x Unified Messaging - Question

Hi Brad,

thanks for your answer but I already knew that.

My customer need to know how to "deny" users to leave a message during exchange outage.

Thank again


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.x Unified Messaging - Question


Sorry, what I implied by that last statement is that Unity is designed to function that way and there is no way to automatically tell it to stop taking messages when Unity is in UMR. You'd have to manually shut down Unity if you don't want it taking a messages/answering. Or, somehow figure out a new way to route calls to a different call handler (when someone notices Exchange is down) that won't allow users the option on this particular call handler to leave a message. You could maybe send it to "Hang up" after the greeting plays. There's nothing automatic that will accomplish this. Again, what they're trying to do is against the whole implementation and design of UMR functionality.

Maybe someone out there has some additional input.


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