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Unity 5.x Upgrade to 7.x w/failover


I am upgrading a Unity 5.x w/failover cluster to 7.x.  This is tied to Exchange 2007.

Does a strategy exist to use failover to minimize downtime, or do I technically need to upgrade the primary, rebuild the secondary and run failover config?




Re: Unity 5.x Upgrade to 7.x w/failover

You can use this guide.

Its pretty straight forward.  I have done a couple of them and they work fine.  I would hold off on the windows updates until you are completely done and tested.    At least update SQL and Exchange, the OS, hold off on until you are done with testing and failover.

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Re: Unity 5.x Upgrade to 7.x w/failover

Thanks.  I haven't seen that doc before.

It doesn't mention the usability of the secondary server while upgrading the primary.

Have you failed over to the secondary, and removed the RG from CUCM for the primary while upgrading?  After completion of the primary, I would add the RG back in for the primary, upgrade the secondary and re-run the failover config.

Re: Unity 5.x Upgrade to 7.x w/failover

The way it works is that when the primary is down, the ports are dead, so the calls will not be routed to dead ports.  It should automatically go to the failover server

Basically, you should not need to change anything in CUCM.  Everything should work during the upgrade, other than a few start and stops of the unity servers as you setup failover, reboots, etc

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