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New Member

Unity 5.x w/ FO moving to Unity Connection 8 HA

what is the best approach on moving 350 users over to unity connection 8? preserving messages is not a necessity however little downtime is.

ive looked at the guides to use cobras but how much time does it take? since the need for preserving old messages is not there, im almost thinking a new  manual build is the best approach depending on how many call handlers they have.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 5.x w/ FO moving to Unity Connection 8 HA

Couple things here.

1. There's no reason to have down time at all here - you can do the export for COBRAS on your Unity server while it's up and taking calls - if you're not moving messages then this is no problem at all.  Do the export the day before you plan to cut over, do the import any time and then "flash cut" your call manager phones over to the Connection when you're ready (i.e. spot checking the users on Connection to be sure all is well).

2. Can't give you a snappy formula for how long things will take - way too many variables at play.  This is why no backup program I've ever seen for any system of any complexity provides such a formula.  The best I can do is provide example timings - in the Hot Mode help file for COBRAS there's a section that breaks down export/import times for a few scenarios - you can check it out here:

you will probably go somewhat faster than that - Hot Mode moves are slower than using briefcase mode for COBRAS which you'll be doing since it's doing extra work to "demote" the Unity users and such - but it doesn't move messages and it should give you a rough idea of the time breakdown - but don't take it to the bank by any stretch.

New Member

Re: Unity 5.x w/ FO moving to Unity Connection 8 HA

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to get the export from their production environment and then import it onto their new unity connection server that will be in our staging? and then plug it back into their environment on day of cut without problems? im just asking since with unity connection you dont need to join the domain and attach to exchange.

Thanks for your help.

New Member

Re: Unity 5.x w/ FO moving to Unity Connection 8 HA

Hi Jeff

Could you please reply to the above post about taking the export and importing it in our staging considering you dont need to hook into the domain or exchange.


Re: Unity 5.x w/ FO moving to Unity Connection 8 HA


You can import the data into servers in a staged environment.  This shouldn't be an issue.  The only thing you want to be cognizant of is making sure there is a freeze on moves, adds, changes, and deletes (MACD) in the environment otherwise the data that you export/import could be outdated by the time you cutover to production.  It is best to get a fresh export just before cutover so that you have the most up-to-date data possible.


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