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Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are blank

Hello all,

I have a Unity 7.0.2 server.  When I'm looking through the subscriber pages, the "Messages" and "Alternate Extensions" links go to blank pages.  All other pages load ok.  Has anyone seen this and figured out a solution?

All help is appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl


Two things here that could be the cause that I've seen quite a few times with many customers.

1.  You're using Remote Desktop to administer the server and the sessions are not "logged off" and are just "x'ed" out of.  This can lead to many different symptoms including the one you're seeing now:

Do not close the Remote Desktop window without logging out of Windows on the Cisco Unity server, or you may encounter a variety of unpredictable behavior. If you just close the Remote Desktop window, the desktop heap memory that is used by Remote Desktop on the Cisco Unity server is not freed. When desktop heap memory is exhausted, system behavior becomes unpredictable. Problems may include, but are not limited to, Cisco Unity Administrator pages failing to display, Cisco Unity failing to start when you attempt to restart using the tray icon, and desktop-heap warnings and DCOM errors in the system event log. Problems are more likely if you have added the /3GB switch to the boot.ini file to configure the server for more than 96 voice-messaging ports because less desktop heap memory is available.

2.  The UnityMsgStoreSvc password is mismatched between Unity's DCOM settings and Active Directory:

Alt extension is blank on saweb when changing the UnityMsgstoreSvc cred
After a change has been made to the password on the account that Cisco Unity Message Store Services log on as (typically UnityMsgStoreSvc, although the actual account name may differ), Cisco Unity may display a DCOM error and fail to display the Alternate Extensions page for subscribers when administrators attempt to browse to this page in the Cisco Unity Administrator. When accessing the alternate extension page, the following error is generated in the system event log:

Event Type:Error
Event Source:DCOM
Event Category:None
Event ID:10004
DCOM got error "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. " and was
unable to logon DOMAIN\UnityMsgStoreSvc in order to run the server:

This problem was observed in Unity 5.0(1).  It is likely to occur in any version of Unity. 

To resolve this issue, you must update Component Services with the new password. Do the following procedure:

Step 1 On the Cisco Unity server, on the Windows Start menu, click Programs > Administrative Tools > Component Services.

Step 2 In the right pane, expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > COM+ Applications.

Step 3 Right-click Cisco Unity and click Properties.

Step 4 Click the Identity tab.

Step 5 Enter and confirm the new password.

Step 6 Click OK to save the changes, then close the Component Services window.

Step 7 If the Cisco Unity Administrator is open, close it.

Step 8 Open the Cisco Unity Administrator and browse to a Subscriber > Alternate Extensions page. The Alternate Extension page should display correctly.

Hope that helps,


Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl

I am having the same issue with the same version.  Any ideas?  This happened after Failover kicked in and we manully forced back the primary.  No issues with multiple RDP sessions or incorrect credentials.

New Member

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl


Great feedback!  Step 2 resolved the issue I was having with blank pages while running Unity 7.0.


New Member

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl

Thank you. Reapplying the password for the unitymsgstoresvc

in the Component Services worked. Just bad engineering from Cisco.

New Member

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl

This bug fixed my problem. Thanks for posting the bug! The proceedure worked.

New Member

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl

I have tried to fix with the workaround from CSCsd40823 Bug, with no luck.

I found another one, and we are running 7.0(2).

changed from 512 of the heap size to 256 and reboot the server fixed the issue.

The place where the change need to be made is:



The 3rd value above of 512, is the heap size for each desktop that is

As a possible solution, you can configure the Windows Shared section to reduce each heap size to 256. This will allow more desktops, each
getting 256KB. Reboot after change is made.

New Member

Re: Unity 7.0.2 - Messages and Alternate Extensions pages are bl

We are having this same issue with Messages and Alternate Extension pages coming up blank.  The RDP sessions was not an issue and we are not receiving the DCOM error in Event Log.  We did retype the DCOM password for Cisco Unity in Component Services just in case.  We have tried restarting the server, iis, and tomcat services.  As for the heap size registry entry, we do not have Windows under the SubSystems folder.

We are 7.0.2, any other things to try?

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