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Unity 7.0 Upgrade Path

I have Unity 4.0(5) and want to upgrade to Unity 7.0. What is the upgrade path for the same. If come can point to the cisco link, it'll be great.


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Re: Unity 7.0 Upgrade Path


The procedures and supported paths aren't changed much from Unity 5.0, so the same documents are referenced for the 7.0 versions.

You can do an in-place upgrade straight from 4.0(5), assuming you're on the OS you want to be - if you want to upgrade to Windows 2003 you need to do a Dirt Backup/Rebuild Restore.

See the appropriate Domino or Exchange link on this page (last two links), then look at the upgradeing 4.x to the shipping 5.x version:



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Re: Unity 7.0 Upgrade Path

I'm not sure what hardware platform you're on but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that (if Unity has been in place for a while) that you're on an H1 or I1 series server (which is EOL) and that you may still be running Win2K and would have to rebuild to get to Win2K3 (and then rebuild Unity and do DiRT, etc - long process).  I would actually recommend purchasing a new server and installing a fresh version of Unity 7x and latest ES on that server.  Approach it as a new build for the most part.  Then use the COBRAS migration tools to move over the majority of your data from the old system to the new.  Check out COBRAS at and you'll save yourself sometime.  Shoot me the specs of what you have (if you want, you can run the GUSI tool and post pertinent info) - system hardware, OS, exact version, and etc and I can help you further with choosing the best way to go.


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