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Unity 7 - PDL's not working anymore

Hello all,

I'm not sure when this problem started occuring but for some reason any of my newer PDL's fail to send the message after the call handler hands off to it.  All of my old ones appear to work just fine though.  I do not change these very often so this may have occured nearly 2 years ago when we upgraded from unity 4 to 7.  Normal voicemail message delivery is fine as well.

The flow is as follows:

1. Caller dials main number

2. Enters in Unity Extension to transfer to a system mailbox (employee sick line)

3. Record message

4. Deliver message via PDL using Unity -> Exchange2010 integration

Any ideas on how to fix this one?  I've recreated the CH's and the PDL's, restarted unity and also the entire server.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated,


Error on server side:

Event Type:    Error

Event Source:    CiscoUnity_ConvMsg

Event Category:    Network

Event ID:    10012

Date:        7/26/2012

Time:        11:22:38 AM

User:        N/A

Computer:    INCOEUNITY


This message has the following recipients : ([CH_jpk_test] ).   The recipient mailboxes may be disabled or inaccessible, Cisco Unity may be having trouble connecting with the partner server, or the Cisco Unity messaging component may not be properly configured.


The PDL is configured to send the voicemail to my own mailbox. It's not disabled or hidden.  If i use an old call handler and pair it with a new PDL, i do not get the system message that there was an error delivering the message.  However, no message gets delivered.

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Unity 7 - PDL's not working anymore

Since it has been a while since any newer DLs were added, there are a couple of things I would do:

1. Is the new DL in the same container that the old DLs are in and is AD inheritance enabled?

2.Are the DL memebers Unity subscribers?  They need to be in order to send messages to them from Unity.

3. If all else fails, I would re-run the permissions wizard and then retry your test.

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Unity 7 - PDL's not working anymore

Thanks for the suggestions.  We actually figured this one out the other day.  I just didn't make it back here to update the discussion yet.

There is an option when creating the PDL as to whether to show or hide the address list within Exchange.  It doesn't matter what we choose for that option, the PDL doesn't work immediately after creation.  However, if we go into the Exchange management console and then hide/unhide the newly created PDL, it starts to work.  In our scenario, the PDL must remain unhidden in order for it to work.  It looks like an ES patch addresses this, but unfortunately we do not have support anymore so i cannot upgrade from ES35 to ES44.


Unity 7.0.2(ES35)

Exchange 2010

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