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Unity 7 warning message

I have been getting the following message on our unity box for 3 weeks now every 4 min or so. I have resynced in UTIM and nothing. This person does exist and his issue is he gets his VMI messages sometimes 8 hours late. The exchange box says it delivers the message as soon as it gets it which is right before delivery. So I am not sure this error is the cause or how to get rid of it??? HELP!! ; )

Received message event eNOTIFYQ_ACTION_MSG_READ [3] on NotifyQ for user cn=OCONNES,cn=Recipients,ou=Manchester NH,o=FIRM who is not monitored. No MWI or notifications will occur for this user. To correct, perform a resync of all mailusers with UTIM: go to the Properties tab of your integration and press the Resynchronize button.


Re: Unity 7 warning message

Hi -

We occasionally get these error messages and find the cause to be: User is disabled or deleted in Active Directory and Unity account is not deleted. IP phone still configured to go to voicemail. Or ... user is deleted in Unity and IP phone still configured to go to voicemail (deleting user in Unity does not remove user from the DL All Subscribers - Unity_servername). We reduced these errors by removing user from All Subscribers DL if being removed from Unity and setting the voicemail profile to None on the phone (or making the phone essentially vacant). Occasionally when users get deleted from Unity, there are still new voice messages in the user's inbox. We implemented instructions for our admins to check MWI before deleting a user, if the MWI shows on, instruct the user to clear out all messages. An Exchange admin can also do this. As we know, we don't always get the opportunity to coordinate with the user before his or her account is deleted. In your case, I would ensure the user is enabled in AD, Unity, and has his or her account in the distribution list All Subscribers. Since this is only happening for one of your users, I recommend deleting from Unity, remove from the All Subscribers DL, then re-enable in Unity. Check user's IP phone to make sure has the correct voicemail profile (if you have multiple Unity servers).


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Re: Unity 7 warning message

I think it started from deleting/readding the same user as you suggest.

What I did was restart AvNotifierMGr and AvMsgStoreMonitorSvr

That seemed to stop the error. All is good for now


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