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Unity 7.x to Unity 7.x Connection

Customer has 24 sets of Unity 7x UM Servers globally, one AD , 5 dialing domains.  They have just informed us they wish to move to Unity 7.x connection.  I will find the related documentation /roadmaps but am wondering if someone can give me a high level "how to" ~ I have no requirements from customer and am only in information gathering stage but Im thinking this is a build new hardware, install connection and migrate scenario.....can someone point me in the right direction or lessons learned scenarios....Thanks.

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Re: Unity 7.x to Unity 7.x Connection

I guess I should have searched first, there seems to be an abundance of information on the topic..

Re: Unity 7.x to Unity 7.x Connection


You're going to want to go here: and read the Help file for how to use the COBRAS migration tools to export data from Unity and then import it into Unity Connection.  With that many systems, you'll have some choices on what architecture you choose to implement as far as Unity Connection goes but as you'll see - you'll have the ability to do a one for one replacement (depending on the version of Unity being run - must be 4.0.5 to use COBRAS) or even push data from multiple systems into one or several Unity Connection servers (or CUC clusters).


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