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Unity 7.x with Exchange Hub and Separate Exch mailstores

hey everyone...fresh install of Unity 7.x with 4 separate Exchange servers. 1 server serves as the Hub (all mail comes here). The other 3 server as mailstores...2 of 3 are remote sites. When running the Mailstore wizard during Unity setup, my only 3 options for storage are the 3 mailstore locations, not the Hub. TAC is telling me this set up will not work. Anyone have experience with this type set up?


**when voice mails are left, Unity is receiving them but the delivery to Exch fails because the Hub server does the delivering.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity 7.x with Exchange Hub and Separate Exch mailstores


I'm not sure which version of Exchange we have in this case.

Exchange 2010 you can have the CAS role and Mailstore roles on different servers and this is supported.

The MSCW will only show you exchange servers that have mailstores. So if you have a CAS role is on separate Exchange without Mailstores then it will not show.

However you do speak about having Exchange server at separate sight from Unity. This is were you solution my become unsupported.

The design guide states:

Every  Exchange server on which mailboxes for that Cisco Unity server are  homed. If Cisco Unity is separated by a WAN from an Exchange server on  which subscriber mailboxes are homed, a second Cisco Unity server must  be co-located with the remote Exchange server.

So this could be the point that TAC engineer was speaking about.



Re: Unity 7.x with Exchange Hub and Separate Exch mailstores


Ditto on Scott's points above.  To add on:

Not knowing which version of Exchange you are running (and how that may/may not affect supported Unity configuration), it sounds like you may be trying to partner with an Exchange server that is only configured with the Hub Transport (aka, bridgehead) role.  However, the partner server chosen for Unity should have the Mailbox server role installed.  The Mailbox server role contains the database(s) where user mailboxes are contained.  As far as the interaction with Unity, all messages flow through the Partner Server en route to the appropriate mailbox (i.e., this is why the Mailbox server role is necessary).  So, this would likely be why you do not see and can't partner with the Hub server directly.


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