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Unity AA and forwarded calls.

I have a customer where I am going to use Unity to do the AA functionality. I have a CTI route point setup to forward to unity, in unity I have a call routing rule that says if a call a direct call is coming from 2000, the CTI route point, then go to this AA call handler. That works fine if they are just dialing 2000 but the problem comes into play when the receptionist wants to forward her phone to the CTI route point when she goes to lunch. Now unity sees the call as forwarded from her ext. 2069, and does not see it as a dialed number it sees it as a forwarded number. How can I go about making this configuration work? I do not want to add a call routing rule for each extension but I need to have this work for both direct dialed 2000 as well as lines that are forwarded to 2000.

The call routing rule is under forwarded calls. Under dialed number I have 2000. If I put the forwarding station number as well as the 2000 dialed number in the same rule then both conditions must be meet for the rule to take effect. Can I set up another rule for the forwarded numbers? Also can I use wildcards for the forwarding station?

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Re: Unity AA and forwarded calls.

Here is some more information. When someone dials the CTI Port,2000, from ext 2069 I look in the call viewer and it shows as forwarding number 2000. My call routing rule picks up under forwarded calls where I have forwarding station set as 2000. Now if I forward ext 2069 to 2000 and I call 2069 from another extension I see in call viewer that the forwarding call is the 2069 number and not 2000 which is what I want it to be. How can I resolve this so ext 2069 can forward to the CTI route point without creating a call rule for each extension.

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