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Unity AA Problem

I have three location A ,B and C , we are using cisco unity 5.0 and callmanager 4.3 in central site (site C) as a centralized model .remaing two remote locations are connected on central site. In (remote site A) we have FXO and in Remote location B we have DID. we are using AA of unity with call handler .In remote location A with FXo when any incoming call land we can hear welcome greeting than it ask us press 1# for English and Press 2 # for Arabic ,when i press 1# i can listen english greeting when i press 2# I can listen arabic.But now my problem is that if I configure same unity call handler /greetings with my Remote location B with DID it gives me only inital greeting.when i press 1# or press 2# nothing happines with DID.i cannot listen englis or arabic greetings. but only initial greeting runs when call lands.

Appreciate your help regarding this matter.

As I mention above I have tested a lot of thing now I found one result I have centrial CCM 4.3 and certilized unity in my centrial site and I have four PRIs with DID's. two of the PRI's are terminated in centrial site router and 2 are terminated in DR site router when ever I am trying to use auto attented on certrial site DID's which are terminated in centrial site router where is my CCM its is working fine but when ever I am trying to use auto attented on DR site DID's which are terminated in DR site router its give me same problem which I have mention in my last email my configuration in unity is fine because is start working when I use centrial site DID kindly help me I will be really thankful to you. only inital greetings work on DR sites

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Re: Unity AA Problem

I'm not sure I have the whole answer to this, as I'd be inclined to use the Port Status Monitor Tool to observe how the calls come in to Unity and whether DTMFs are being "heard" (passed) to Unity, but I have two comments, that may help point you in the right direction.

1. Your DR config does not have the binding to CallManager on your serial interfaces.

2. If after you correct that, use the Port Status Monitor unility to observe the call properties as it hits the Opening greeting and you attempt to enter DTMF digits. If Unity "sees" the digits, you will see them here. If not, you need to troubleshoot your PRI/voice gateway/CallManager further.

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