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New Member

Unity and CLI correction query

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that Unity amends the CLI when it gets a call from our call manager system.


extn 1234 will get changed to CLI 5678, when it enters Unity and will be corrected back to the original CLI, 1234 when it reaches the IP phone at the end.

I know that there are two transfer types which Unity uses ; Release to switch... and Supervise transfer..

we are looking to implement a call queuing system on Unity so we have selected the " Supervise transfer " option along with "Always hold".. so that customer get queue updates whilst they are on hold

This all works fine, however, I have noticed that the CLI of the call is not corrected ( to 1234 in the example above ) until the call is picked up..

is there a way to either...

1/ correct the CLI before it reaches the destination ?

2/ prevent Unity from changing the CLI in the first place. ?

** This does not happen when you chose the "Release to switch" in the Transfer type... I have noticed the CLI in corrected after a split second...

any advice would be appreciated...


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Re: Unity and CLI correction query

Hi Jon,

This is working as expected and is a product of the normal Transfer pattern of the phone system (CCM or PBX). When the Unity port that answers the caller (Example DN 5678) is used in conjunction with the phone system to perform a "Supervised Transfer", the CLID of the Unity port is presented as the Calling Number (which it is as the initiator of the Transfer) The CLID of 5678 is actually the Unity port DN. The CLID is not changed to the Original CLID until the Transfer is completed. This is exactly what happens when you do a Consult or Supervised Transfer on the phone system as well (try it out);

Phone A calls Phone B

Phone B initiates a Transfer to Phone C

Phone C receives the CLID of Phone B (as the caller and initiator of the Transfer)

Phone B completes the Transfer and Phone C receives the CLID of Phone A.

This is why on a "Release to Switch" or Blind Transfer you still see CLID 5678 (the Transfer initiator) for a split second.

I hope this makes some sense :)


New Member

Re: Unity and CLI correction query

Thanks for the info rob,

Yeah, I have read up on this and agree that this his how it should all work normally...

i was just wondering if there was anyway to get the correct CLI to appear on the destination phone so that the person can see the originating caller before they pick up...

we have tried various forwarding techniques on CallManager to delay the call so that the original CLI appears and this does work when you select the "Release to Switch" option... but so far we cant seem to get it to work on the "Supervise Transfer" option as it holds on to the call right up to the last minute..

The "Supervise Transfer" would be our prefered option as it would provide the caller with wait time..etc..



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Re: Unity and CLI correction query

Hi Jon,

Sorry, I should have explained myself a little better. There is no method to change this on CCM :( This is a function of this type of Transfer. No way around it.

Hope this helps! I know its not the answer you were looking for.


New Member

Re: Unity and CLI correction query

That's fine Rob.. I pretty much expected that answer !!!..

was just thinking that it's a bit strange, say if Unity was transfering to an external number. that external phone would be seeing a invalid CLI from our Unity....

Thanks anyway..

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