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Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box

Dear gentlemen,

I'm installing CM 4.2(3) with Unity 4.2(1) in voicemail (VM) configuration.

I wish to integrate CM via SCCP TSP with Unity. Also I want to install the

message store (Exchange 2003) on the Unity server running Windows 2003 Server,

which is a member of Windows 2003 Domain.

All these are appropriate in according to Unity 4.2 System Requirement document.

My questions are:

- Does anybody has got such a configuration successfully implemented ?

- Will the scheme be workable if I install Exchange 2003 Server without integrating it with Active Directory

I mean installation process will be without forestprep/domainprep stages.


Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box


Yes this is definately possible, I've worked on various similar installations. You will definately have to integrate it with a domain though as the installation process includes a schema extension.

2003 will definately work...follow these links for more info.

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Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box

as the previous poster mentioned, this will work. Couple of notes:

Follow the guides! It will work for you.

Basic installation overview:

- install Unity Platform disc on your MCS box to install Windows 2003. It will dump the Windows 2003 image on and load all the drivers needed.

- Promote the Unity server using DCPROMO. This will create the first Domain Controller of your Unity voicemail only domain

- You will need to create DNS on this server so it can "talk" to itself essentially)

- load in SQL (SP4)

- load in Exchange 2003 (SP2)

- load in Unity

- install the service packs or Unity windows updates from CCO

You should be set then.

It's a little high level, but should give the overall picture. Good luck and check back if you need assistance!


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Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box

You have to run the domain prep and forest prep steps or this will not work. Just follow the installation guide provided on previous post as it will state that those steps need to be taken as part of the Exchange setup.


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Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box


Tnank you, guys, for your comments. A few questions else.

1. Cannot find Message Store compact disc, that must be shipped with Unity. Should it be in the disc set ?

2. Cisco Unity 4.2 SysReq tells about 'Voice Mail Run-Time Edition of Exchange 2000/2003 Server Enterprise Edition',

which is the modification of Exchange that ships with Unity Message Store. What is the difference between this

version of Exchange and Enterprise version of Exchange ?

3. Let's imaging the customer has got corporate email based on Exchange 2003 Server.

As I understand after VM Unity's Exchange integrates with Microsoft AD there will be 2 (two)

Exchange in the Windows 2003 Domain. Can these 2 (two) Exchange Servers live without conflict with each other ?


I tried 2 months ago to implement the action plan you provided based on 4.x and Exchange 2000 Server.

The attempt was unsuccessfull, netpro did not advice anything that time. As I remember

Exchange services couldn't start and hanged in 'starting' status. This fact influenced the whole

operating system performance, actually Windows 2000 Server became inoperable due to this hanging.

You can look for the history at


Any comment ?

Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box

Yes, the message store CD should be in the same bundle as the Unity software. (not the OS discs) Also the datastore (SQL)

If you are install Voicemail only onbox, then you need to install Exchange. This would involve all the steps required by Microsoft to install Exchange into a new Active Directory. The Unity install guide covers this.

You can not have (2) separate Exchange servers in the same forest. Well, you can have multiply Exchange servers in the same domain/forest, but they will be in the same Exchange Organization. This means they share the same address book, rules, etc. So if you placed this other VM Unity server running Exchange into the customers "production" AD domain, you will have to figure out AD accounts, and Exchange mailboxes. Basically, John Doe will his production AD account and Product Email account. Then for Unity Voicemail Only, he will John Doe -Vmail account and John Doe -Vmail Exchange account.

In regards to two months and with this question, are talking about a brand new Unity Voicemail only install, or an existing Unity voicemail only?


Re: Unity and Exchange 2003 On-Box

the message store and data store cds will only come in your bundle if you bought a server from Cisco (MCS) If you provided your own, you need to provide Exchange and SQL also.


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