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Unity Auto Attendant

Hi all,

This is a small issue with Unity configuration as an Auto attendant for outside callers, below is the requirement:

When outside callers dial our number they should hear a greeting "welcome to ABC , dial 1 for sales, 2 for technical, and 3 for Admin.

I am able to route external calls through CTI Route point to user defined call handler called abcopening, and getting the greeting as mentioned above.

I created hunt groups for sales, technical, and Admin and configured call distribution from top to down and the hunt pilots for these groups.

the Abcopening greeting callhandler which i created is configured as if caller pressess 1 it transfer the call to sales callhandler which has been configured to transfer all call to the hunt pilot of sales hut group same for other departments.

but unity is unable to transfer calls to hunt pilots instead its asking for message to drop.

please help me configure unity, thanks for your efforts.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Auto Attendant

Not real sure what you mean by "Unity is unable to transfer calls to hunt piolots, instead its asking for message to drop".

Unity can transfer to any number allowed on the switch it's connected to if the rules of the lines allow for it - so if you're doing a transfer and its dropping, this is very likely a switch configuration (it is not a limitation of Unity).

I'm assuming you have the "1" key off the ABCopening greeging setup to "attempt transfer for" another call handler which is configured to do a release transfer to a hunt group number, right? Common errors here are folks leaving the "1" key mapped to the default "send to greeting for" option which skips the transfer or having the target call handler not configured to do the transfer properly. To avoid problems I normally suggest folks activate the alternate transfer rule on the call handler you're mapping the "1" key to so you make sure you're not getting burned by a schedule issue or the like.

If you're doing both those things and what you're really seeing is Unity sending the call to the number but it's failing for some reason, you'll probably want to look further up stream...

New Member

Re: Unity Auto Attendant

thanks for the reply yes you are right i was selecting the option send greeting for instead transfer and its solved my problem.

Thanks a lot

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