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Unity - Av services

Is it a bad thing to have the services that normally are set to "Local Account" set to be start by a domain user that has local admin rights as well as being allowed to "log on as a service"? Just curious:








In the services wizard during the install the last question it asks is which account you want to use to start sql, etc and I chose the domain account so it would change the SQL services (because we have failover).

We are having issues here and there and I just want to make sure having the domain account starting the services above isn't the root cause of anything.



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity - Av services

Assuming that both unity servers are using the same domain accounts to start the services, I don't see a problem. Some services such as AvCsNodeMgr, SqlServerAgent, MsSqlServer, on both unity servers should start with the same domain account and not local accounts.

So the next question should be what kind of problems are you having?


Re: Unity - Av services

Well, strage problems like users changing passwords but when they try to login with it, it doesn't take.

Today, on the primary server we could not access the SA page. When tried to access it you wouldn't get any errors.

I ran through ALL the tests/debugs in the URL that talks about SA not firing.

There were absolutely no errors, no permissions issues, we restarted IIS (had to kill it), and all the other things the link talked about.

We rebooted the server and everything is fine now.

We have had numerous times where the server has failed over and people lost greetings, passwords, etc until we fail back. On the failover issue we have verified all the standard things like callmanager server order in manage integrations, all the ports in manage integrations line up with the callmanager line group, etc.

I don't know. We have just had so many issues (and I have numerous 4.0(5) installs out there running properly) with this install and we have TAC cases open on all of them.

However, no one has been able to explain or figure out what the deal is.

This is Unity 4.0(5), Exchange 2000, and Failover. We have four primary/secondary Unity servers and over 8000 subscribers. Customer is starting to get very frustrated with all of the failovers, snychronization issues, etc.

I have turned to TAC and we are just not getting anywhere positive.

This installation from a design/build stand point should be flawless. There are no permissions issues, no hardware issues, etc. I just don't know what to do to get this thing under control.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity - Av services

I would suggest that you keep an eye on enterprise manager to make sure that there is not a problem with replication. Make sure all the jobs are working.


Re: Unity - Av services

Who should be the "owner" of the all the replication agents in Enterprise Manager:

"Distribution Agent" (UnityDBPublication), Agent history clean up: UnityDistributionDb, etc?

The owner is currently UnityInstall even though SQL Service has always been started with the UnityFailoverSvc account.

It looks like by default the owner of all of these jobs is the account that was logged in during the SQL install.

I went back and looked at numerous other 4.0(5) installs and UnityInstall indeed is the owner of all of these.

I don't see anything in the Unity Install guides that tell you to go back and change who owns these jobs. If a customer disabled the UnityInstall account wouldn't it break all of these jobs and cause problems?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity - Av services

You are correct - if the unity install acct is disabled/deleted, the jobs would break. Leave the jobs the way they are unless the end cust is going to remove the unityinstall accounts.

The owner of the jobs is the user account used to install Unity.

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