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New Member

Unity & Avaya Definity Problems

I've recently got involved with problems on a Unity 4.0(2) system with dual integration to Callmanager & Avaya Definity ver 11 analog DTMF integration

1) message waiting delays: It seems that only one port has been configured for message waiting to the definity. from the integration guides I can't see why, but the Definity PBX guy tells me the PBX is using leave word calling for message waiting to the Unity and on/off mwi must be sent from the same port. Is this the case? he says mode code is enabled. I thought this is no longer an issue?

2)Prompts especially when calling from a definity phones sound poor,(sort of background noise) now I've used codec checker and it seems that the Unity was installed with the g729 prompts, but the recording codes is g711. I assume this could be the issue, If so do I just run CUICA and re-install g711 prompts?

3)When users on definity phones use viewmail, the must make a sound into the handset before the voicemail message is played, i.e. the phone rings the pick it up and there is silence until they make a sound. They have downloaded the latest 4.03b and this still happens. Users are on windows 2000/XP & outlook 2000(most)/2003 and this affects all variants.

Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated.



Re: Unity & Avaya Definity Problems

1. You do indeed use LWC in this integration.

From what I know of the Leave Word Calling feature on the Definity, it has more use than just for voicemail systems. It's kind of a generic "hey, call me back" function. Audix voicemail systems integrated with the Definity will read out the list of stations with LWC set on you. I'm not sure if there's another way for a user to get that list of stations without having Audix.

Anyway, to make that long story short, Unity has to set and clear LWC from the same port, because multiple stations can have LWC set on you and sending a clear LWC code from one station has no effect on a LWC set from another station.

Unity is supposed to have a facility to "remember" what port it used to set a station's LWC so it can clear it from the right one. I believe it's kept in the NotificationMwi table in SQL. In this way you can have an arbitrary number of MWI-setting ports. I've not tested this; my Definity-side dual integrations have been small enough not not require multiple MWI-setting ports. I don't know of any documentation to give you on this either. I hope that Jeff Lindborg or someone will step in and correct me if I'm way off base.

2. Prompts sound bad.

This is correct. You can go back through the installer and install the g711 prompts if you want to use that instead of the g729 prompts. However, maybe what you're really having issues with is excessive comfort noise - it could be the background noise you're complaining of. This is adjustable per integration. Have a look at this URL:

3. Viewmail won't activate.

This is an answer supervision problem. Unity isn't figuring out on its own that you've picked up the phone. This can be due to a number of things, and unfortunately I am having a hard time figuring out a place to even tell you to start other than to tell you that's almost certainly the problem. Check your Definity-side port configs against the examples on CCO, especially the Adjunct Supervision setting. Cisco TAC or another Netpro user may be able to help more here.

New Member

Re: Unity & Avaya Definity Problems

Thanks I've looked at the URL it seems to say that the comfort noise setting applies to ip phones/gateways?

The Adjunct Supervision was set to N this has been changed to Y but still no improvement - I'm going to try and test other settings

I'm still not sure what to do about multiple mwi ports

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity & Avaya Definity Problems

1. With a few Definity's that I've worked with, I have found that having stations programmed as VMI type allows one station to turn off the LWC for another. Thus you should be able to use multiple Unity ports for MWI control when using VMI. Now, since resetting lamps on the Definity is a real PIA if you get it wrong, I recommend verifying this with a couple test sets before letting loose with Unity. Take two VMI lines, use one to set LWC on you deskphone, then use the other to clear the LWC. If that works then you should be in good shape.

If that fails, then as mentioned before, Unity does have a "port memory" feature where it keeps track of what port was used to set each subscriber's lamp. When it comes time to clear that lamp, the same port will again be used. To enable this feature, the following parameter should be in the active switch INI file,


2. I think you'll be fine here once you get the g.711 prompts on the system. Here is the procedure for that

That's the 4.0(3) version but this process was not changed from 4.0(2).

3. As far as I know, this is as good as it gets. The analog lines from the Definity do not provide answer supervision. The only way Unity knows the line has been connected is...

a) break in ringback cadence. this can take up to 10 seconds.

b) positive voice detected. this is the user making a sound into the handset.