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Unity Backup


Is there any way of having a backup Server for Unity (synchronizing all mailboxes information)?

In case of disaster is it possible to have the backup server granting all communications in Unity?

Many Thanks


Re: Unity Backup

Here is a link to a guide for configuring Unity failover:

Your mailboxes would be backed up in Exchange/Notes.


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Re: Unity Backup

basically we have 2 sites: site A and B

On Site A we have a Publisher, a Subscriber and a Unity Server.

On Site B we have a Subscriber.

Site A has all communications down.

The subscriber on Site B grants all voice communications, but doesn't have connection to Unity. All Voice Messages are lost, correct?

I have read the link you gave me, but it only refers to Unity Failover.

What i need to know is in case of Unity and CCM Publisher failover...

Can we have a secondary Unity Server in site B?

Many Thanks

Re: Unity Backup

You can certainly install an additional Unity server at Site B. You could either configure it for failover or let it handle the users at that site assuming the connection between your sites would meet latency guidelines. Assuming your message store is at Site A and the connection is down, the Unity server at Site B will hang on to messages locally until connectivity is restored.


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Re: Unity Backup


Our Exchange Server is also stored in the same server as Unity (site A).

Is this a problem in case of failure of site A? Or is there some kind of backup server that we can also install?

I'm sorry for all this questions, but I have small info about Unity and this is for a Disaster Recovery Project.

We have this configuration.

Site A:

CCM Publisher and TFTP

CCM Subscriber

Unity (Voice Mail and Exchange)

Site B:

CCM Subscriber.

The Backup server of site A is CCM Subscriber of Site B.

The Backup server of site B is CCM Subscriber of Site A.

All CCM users created are stored in the same server as Unity (where Exchange is installed).

Imagine that Site A becomes Unavailable. All communications in this site will be down.

Site B will make and receive calls, but not TFTP path will be reached, no AD will be reached, no Unity will be reached.

If we configure a Secondary Unity Server with failover in Site B, will he continue working normally? All Voice Mail will be received or only for site B? What can we do for users? Is there anyway of having everything replicated (Exchange and Unity) and make it as a secondary server?

Many Thanks


Re: Unity Backup

You have several options. Please see the Unity Design Guide at the link below:

Multi-site WAN with distributed messaging - you could have redundant Exchange/Unity boxes at each location. This would

be more maintenance and administration. In this case, if Site A is down, Site B doesn't have to know.

Multi-site WAN with centralized messaging - Exchange/Unity at one site. Less maintenance/administration. In this case, Site B

is dependent on Site A for voice messaging. However, you can configure so that if the network is the problem (as opposed

to Unity being down), users can access Unity through the PSTN.

Per the statement below, you cannot configure failover across the WAN.

"Both Cisco Unity servers must be connected to the network and have a reliable connection of 100 Mbps minimum. There is no option for installing failover without a network connection."


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