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Unity Backup

How many ways, Unity can be backed up for Voice-Mail Messaging Only. Total of (3) 7845 H1-ECS2 servers, One Primary, One Backup, and the last one for Data/ExchangeStorage.

What is the recommended backup solution for big networks.


Re: Unity Backup

You can back up your Messaging store with a 3rd party software such as Backup Exec. It will grab the Priv and pub and server configs.

For Unity though, your only optin is to use DiRT backup, then copy this config to backup device or have a backup device grab it from a shared folder. Cisco does not allow a 3rd party software loaded on the Unity server itself. They only allow DiRT. (for support purposes)

Your other option is, which is a good idea... buy an extra drive for each server and swap them once a month or whenever an OS or Unity patch is applied. This way, you can just just pop in a drive and recover the entire server. It's not a slick as imaging or all the other cool tools standard backup practices use, but it's what is supported from Cisco.

hope this helps

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Re: Unity Backup

How about using a External DAT Drive for the Unity and Message Store servers. This way the Unity Database, and Message Store will be backed up directly on a Tape Drive.

Other options to use Veritas Software Agent for Message Store back up on a network drive, and use DAT Drive for Unity.

Just a thought !

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