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Unity Backup

Does anyone know where I can find information on the correct way to backup Unity for both on and off box message store? I am aware that DIRT is available but belive it is not intended for systems that support over 200 users. What are the supported 3rd party backup apps? What files, etc need to be backed up?



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Re: Unity Backup

before jeff gets here and says this isn't so...

it is not limited to only 200 users. you can do as many as you want. It is not intended as a replacement for a 3rd party exchange aware backup. if you watch the tutorial video re: backing up messages, he goes into this.

I just did this with a 4.1.1 and for 390 mailboxes, totaling less than 2 GB it took about 35 - 40 minutes to create the backup.

make sure the user you are logged in as has send as / receive as rights to the message stores you are attempting to back up. Even if you think you have the rights, check before you start.

Watching the tutorial really helps and only takes like 1/2 an hour to watch them all.

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Re: Unity Backup

hey Jeff

where did you find the video,I'm planning on backing up my unity box, it would be helpfull if i can get the video tutorial.let me know please where i can download it from.



Re: Unity Backup

You can find the latest version, the videos and all the information you want on dirt here:

Re: Unity Backup

If you have off box messaging, you can use any third party backup software such as Backup Exec, etc. For the actual Unity server, you can use a third party backup software, and Cisco will support this, BUT... BUT.... if you run into problems with Unity for some reason, and the software is loaded, AND TAC is supporting you on a call, you may or will be asked to uninstall the software before support will continue.

Your other methods are:

Mirror Drive swap. Basically have another set spare drives for doing 3 drive rotation. This is also supported by Cisco

Run DIRT to backup the Database on Unity and copy to a shared drive on another server (like your off box messaging server) then run your 3rd party backup software from there.

Anyways, hope this helps

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