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Unity Bug ID #CSCdx21052

Unity 4.0(3), Avaya G3R running v.11, Exchange 2000 UM, serial integration, analog MWI.

The Bug notes indicate that if I add:

[Switch Disconnect Tone]






To Avaya0002.ini (actually it comes that way in version 4.0) then the problem goes away. This dates way back to version 3.1.5.

It doesn't. I still get a dozen calls a day or so from upset users getting these warble tone messages in their e-mail in-box.

Has anybody successfully got around this bug? Is there a definitive solution?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Bug ID #CSCdx21052

Make sure you have Adjunct Supervision enabled for each of the lines going to Unity. Also, in the System-Parameters Feature section, set Station Forward Tone Disconnect to busy. This should ensure that Unity promptly detects when a connected call is disconnected.

Finally, that tone definition you've posted should match a standard US dial tone. The idea being, if a call rings into Unity but the caller drops before Unity picks up, then when Unity does take the port off hook, dial tone will be received. With dial tone as a disconnect in your switch file, Unity will put the port back on hook shortly promptly. Hopefully, before the Avaya starts into its nasty warble tone. Now, this will only work if your internal dialtone is not much different than US standard. If it is different, then you might consider running learn tones. Learn ONLY Dial Tone. Then cut and paste the frequencies learned into the [Switch Disconnect Tone] definition in your switch file.

New Member

Re: Unity Bug ID #CSCdx21052

Thank you Eric, I will give those suggestions a try.

After placing those tone definitions into the Avaya0002.ini file, it seemed to fix the Warble Tone problem. I opened the file back up to update my documenation of the changes that were made, and, just to clean things up, I removed all of the excess CR/LF at the end.

After that, and a Unity reboot, the warble tones were back.

Is it possible that the last line in the switch configuration .ini file is not properly read by Unity unless it is followed by a CR/LF?

I suspected as much, added back a couple of CR/LFs to the end of the file, rebooted and the warble tone problem appears to be fixed again.

Does this sound plausible? Is it just a coincidence?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Bug ID #CSCdx21052

Off hand, I can't say whether the CR/LF is needed. The files that ship with Unity are the only files we use and test with. However, you can easily verify that the disconnect tone definitions are properly loaded by the TSP:

Step 1 On the Windows Start menu, click Settings > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options.

Step 2 In the Phone and Modem Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab.

Step 3 Click Dialogic Generation 2 Service Provider for NT.

Step 4 Click Configure.

Step 5 In the Dialogic TSP Configuration dialog box, click Advanced.

Step 6 Verify values in the Disc Tone 1 and Disc Tone 2 tabs match the disconnect tone definitions in the switch file.

Note that some values in the control panel are given in centi-second units whereas all time values in the switch file tone definitions use milliseconds. Thus some values may appear to be off by a factor of 10.

If the tone(s) you have defined are getting loaded by the TSP then your switch file is AOK.

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