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Unity Call Handler Transfer to Invalid Extension

We're experiencing a strange problem that I'm not sure why I'm not finding more information on. It seems to be a rather big glitch.

Basically if you dial an invalid extension straight from the phone it will give you a system message followed by a busy signal. So if dialed into a call handler which allows for a transfer to an extension, if you enter an invalid extension it basically hangs there and then goes to dead air. At that time a Unity TSP error is logged stating that Unity detected a reorder tone and the port might be down. The port in Unity does in fact go down and I have to Reset it to get it responding again.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there a fix? A Cisco tech referred me to a TSP upgrade from 8.1(2) to 8.2(1). I've tested this upgrade out in our test environment and the upgrade does not fix the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also this is Unity 4.2(1) and CCM 4.2(3)


Re: Unity Call Handler Transfer to Invalid Extension

How do you have your call handler setup? Caller System Transfer, Subscriber System Transfer...etc. Are the invaild extensions in your dialing plan?

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Re: Unity Call Handler Transfer to Invalid Extension

Hi Dave,

The first thing that I would try would be to change the Transfer method. If you are using "release to switch" - try Supervised Transfer.

If you are using "Supervised Transfer - try release to switch.

Let us know,


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Re: Unity Call Handler Transfer to Invalid Extension

Thanks for the replies. Yes my call handlers do allow for invalid extensions. The reason is that we have a lot of employees so basically every extension between 1000 and 2000 is open. Not all are used though, so if someone dials an extension that doesn't belong to a user, then it causes the port to busy out and require a reset. Also I'm attempting the dial using the option in Unity for "Allow caller to dial an extension during greeting".

Rob, I'm currently in "Release to switch" mode, but I have tried Supervised Transfer with the same result.

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