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New Member

Unity & COBRAS Caveat - Need Help!

We're upgrading a customer from Unity 5 to Unity Connection 7 and may have a significant issue, or not. COBRAS States that it does not carry over PINs from Unity 7 ... does this include Unity 5 as well?

Does this problem appear ONLY if we were running COBRAS on a Unity 7 server?

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity & COBRAS Caveat - Need Help!

Unity 5 PINs come over fine. Only Unity 7 and Connection 7 PINs aren't preserved when importing into Connection 7.x.

This problem is addressed in the password subsystem in Connection 7.1(3) (due out in a couple months) - at which point then all PINs can be handled.

In case anyone wants to know the root of the problem is Unity and Connection use different SHA1 PIN hashing techniuqes and Connection needed to add flexibility to the PW sub system to support all of them.

New Member

Re: Unity & COBRAS Caveat - Need Help!

Can I verify that Unity VM 4.1 Pins are preserved when importing into Unity Conn 7.1(2a)?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity & COBRAS Caveat - Need Help!

yes - noted in the help, this is the case.

And now that 7.1(3) is out, all PINs should be preserved (other than CoRes exports - those are still not supported and won't be at this point since Connection does not manage PWs in that type of install.).

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