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Unity Conn 2.0 Call handler Transfer options

Need to transfer incoming call back to a huntgroup pilot DN in call manager. Unity Conn will not tranfer call no matter what. Any ideas?

More information:

Unity Connections 2.0.

Would like to use Unity Conn time of day routing to route to operator huntgroup during the day and to a different phone at night.

Trying to perform the following call flow:

PSTN-->Gateway-->Callmanager-->route point 2500 CFWDALL-->Unity Conn -->"Reception Daymode" System Call Handler ext2500 Transfer Options to Extension 5110 (Operator Huntgroup Pilot in Call manager).


Just testing a call to the route point sends the call to the Proper Call Handler in Unity however unity does not transfer the call back to Callmanager. Instead Unity voice prompts "Extension 2500 is not available, record your message at the tone, when you are finished hang up or hold for more options."

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Conn 2.0 Call handler Transfer options

Number of things could be at play here - first thing to check is to make sure the handler's transfer rules are correct. It's a good idea to set the alternate transfer rule to active and set it to ring the phone you want. Assign an extension to the call handler (this can be removed later -just for testing) and then call into the opening greeting - dial the extension and make sure it sends the call to the right phone. If that's already working then the problem gets much simpler. If not, let us know and we'll go a different route.

Assumig the "straight" transfer is working, I'm assuming the problem is transfer over ride. When a call forwards into Unity or Connection (they both behave the same) the first call handler it hits it will force the transfer rule for that handler to be skipped. This is done to prevent deadly transfer loops which can (and have in the past) taken systems down. Not good. So if you have "1234" assigned to you call handler and you have calls forwarding in from 1234 and you want to then "boomerang" the call back out you'll have to use two call handlers to do it. Call handler with extension 1234 in that case would have an alternate greeting set to active and has it's source set to "blank" and an after greeting action set to "ring phone for" another call handler that is setup to ring the phone.

This has the effect of clearing the "new call" flag so Connection is allowed to process transfer rules on the next call handler it hits.

Community Member

Re: Unity Conn 2.0 Call handler Transfer options

OK tried your first thought and that did not work. It sends the call to the owners voicemail box.

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