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New Member

Unity Connect 7 questions

Hello all,

I have to perform SIP integration of Unity connect 7 active/active cluster with 2 different CUCM 7 clusters.

I am looking for an urgent feedback for the following unity questions:

1. I would like to point Unity connect Pub to CUCM Sub1 and Unity connect Sub to CUCM Sub2. Do I still need to define Sub2 on Active Unity connect server? Or I can just define it on Unity connect Sub and create related Port Groups, Ports, etc to start routing calls?

2. How can I test the integration with first CUCM cluster?

3. Is there any thing different I have to do to configure integratin on Unity Connection cluster for the 2nd CUCM cluster?

Also, if someone can post the link which really talks about SIP integration for Unity Connection active/active cluster that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Unity Connect 7 questions

When you intergrate CUCM and Unity, you can use each side to do what you need


For CallManager, you will need to created CUCM Group to be used by the device pool associated with the Voicemail port or trunk.  Basically, your say use the subscriber first, then publisher, etc.

On CUC see:

table 5-26 for CUCM ordering.

Since you have (2) different CUCM clusters, you will use (2) different integration names within CUC.  John Doe on CUCM1 will use for example CUCM1 integration on their Subscriber profile page.   Jane Doe on CUCM2 will use for example CUCM2 integtation on their Subscriber profile page.

Each intergration profile will use the correct SIP connection to/from CUCM.

You will still need to configure some sort of transfer rules between intergrations to go to/from each CUCM cluster also.

New Member

Re: Unity Connect 7 questions

Thanks for the reply.

I need to know if I have to create separate port goup, etc on Secondary CUC server?

I do see all the ports I created on Primary CUC server on Secondary CUC server. So I assume there's no need to create separate port group on Secondary CUC server.



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