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Unity Connection 0 out to operator

Hi Guys,

Can someone point me to the right direction. I need to configure a Unity Connections server to be able to "0" out to operator while listening to users greeting on Busy no answer. I tried to create a new Operator call handler in Unity connections then configure call transfer to the extension of the operator,but is not working. Any help will be appreciated



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator

The caller input page in the SA is what you want - configure the 0 to "attempt transfer for" the call handler you wish to have folks go to (i.e. the operator call handler you made).

The user input keys are active for all greetings all the time so it doesn't matter which one is playing.

You can also use BulkEdit (found in the tools depot on your dekstop) for updating user input keys for all or large groups of your subscribers.

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator

Thanks lindborg

The server is a unity connections and not a Cisco Unity, I assumed the process is similar but still didn't work

Created new system call handler for operator

Select caller input to attempt transfer to operator but the assigned extension for the operator does not ring and goes to a system voice mail message. I dont have unity connections in the lab so Can play with it.

Any ideas!



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator

The behavior for Connection and Unity is the same in this regard.

You likely don't have the transfer setup for the operator call handler you created - enable the alternate transfer rule (which over rides standard and off hours) and configure it to ring the phone. If the 0 key is set to attempt transfer it will ring that phone.

Also, I'm assuming you are pressing 0 during the greeting for that subscriber and not logging in as that subscriber and pressing 0 from the subscriber conversation - these are two entirely different scenarios.

If you continue to struggle with this, pull up the port status monitor tool found in the ToolsDepot and see where the call is going when you press 0 during the greeting for the subscriber you're editing.

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator

I configured as stated and all worked fine

Thanks for your help


New Member

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator


I have the same implantation scenario which I need to transfer the Call to any Directory number after the Main Greeting is played & user press 0 ?if they know the extension?, and in caller input Keys I configured? 0 ?value to Caller System Transfer & in the Port Status Viewer it showing that it transfer to Caller System Transfer & I edit restriction table to transfer all Calls to any DNs which is configured & valid in Phone System Call Manager 4.1 by using this mask? 8??? ?Such as DN = 8124, also I configured one routing rule as following:

Call Type: Any.

Dialed Number: Any.

Calling number: 0.

Trunk: any.

Ports: all.

Send a call to: system Transfer.

Schedule: all hours.

But when you put in the extension, you get the message saying "Sorry that is not a valid entry?.

Can you assist me please? & an error message in Event viewer also An error in Windows event viewer Error ID :1002 & Source : CiscoUnity_PhraseServer.

Also Warring message, Warning ID: 109, Source: CiscoUnity_TSP Description: Cisco Unity-CM TSP device 6 (Cisco Unity Port CCM-1-1): Failed blind transfer to extension 8124.Recorder tone detected.

Please I need your Assistant.

Thanks & Regards

Moahnad Riad Aljabi

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 0 out to operator


I don't know if you already got this one working, but selecting caller Input and then selecting "0" key you should be able to send the call to either another call handler or directlty to subscriber. I don't quite understand the problem.


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