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Unity Connection 2.0 Reporting

Anyone seen anyway to get a user message report similar to what we can get in Unity using the message store manager tool? Basically I need a report that lists every user and the number of voicemail messages they have. Preferably breaking it down into #New #Saved #Deleted and also the size of the mailbox. None of the build in reports seem to offer this unless I'm just missing something (I hope I am).


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Re: Unity Connection 2.0 Reporting

Hi, I'm looking for a reporting tool too for cisco unity connection 2.x.

I need to find out who has/has not created a greeting.

searched on, but nothing is there.

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Re: Unity Connection 2.0 Reporting

I need this as well for Unity Connection 2.x

It's very difficult to manage the message "store" without a clue as to which users are the big space users.

How about it Mr. Lindborg? Even a seperate tool to do this would be fine with me.


Brady Palmquist

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Re: Unity Connection 2.0 Reporting

Did you get an answer on this question? I'm also looking for a report like you mentioned.

I did see the Connection User Data Dump, under the Unity Tools. This may be what you are looking for. Not sure if it is supported under 2.0.

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Re: Unity Connection 2.0 Reporting

Hi Dennis,

Full support for this tool (CUDD) is not available until UC 7.0 but it is partially supported in 2.x. Have a look at this thread from August of this year where Unity design Master Lindborg weighs in on this :)

Hope this helps!


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