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unity connection 2.1.2ES18 Features

I am trying to emulate 2 features of a vm I am replacing and cannot seem to figure out how to do them in unity connection. Any help will be appreciated.

1. Call sender. This feature allows you to hit a digit while listening to a message and it calls the person who left the message back based on clid

2. Transfer to someone from mailbox. I found user system transfer which works great but can you access this from inside the mailbox? The only way I seem to be able to get it to work is with a seperate call handeler.

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Re: unity connection 2.1.2ES18 Features

Hi David,

For question #1;

This is also available in Unity Connection 7.0. Here are the EFT Notes;

Cisco Unity Connection® 7.0 Early Field Trial (EFT). The primary features in this release are:

Active Directory Integration -- Unity Connection will integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (versions 2000 and 2003) for user provisioning and authentication. Unity Connection will detect creates, updates, and deletes of users in the Active Directory and will synchronize these changes to the Unity Connection database.

Outlook Voice Message Player Plug-in - The Voice Message Player Plug-in will allow users to compose, forward and reply to voicemail messages using their Outlook client. It will also allow them to adjust the speed and volume of their messages, and to select whether they want to use their desk phone as microphone/speaker, or whether they want to use their computer's microphone and speaker.

Active-Active Redundancy -- Unity Connection will offer a two server active-active redundancy solution. This will provide both high availability and redundancy.

Calendar Integration with Exchange 2007 - Unity Connection will allow users to browse their Outlook Calendar appointments from the both the telephone and voice user interfaces, in much the same way they can currently browse their MeetingPlace Express meetings.

Native Voicemail Networking - Unity Connection will support native voicemail networking, over LAN/WAN, of up to 5 nodes, and 50,000 users.

VUI Enhancements -There are a number of improvements to the Voice User Interface (VUI), encompassing the message send conversation, access to setup options, and how time and date input is captured. Additionally, the speech engine itself is being upgraded to improve recognition accuracy.

TUI Addressing Enhancements - There are numerous enhancements to the Telephone User Interface (TUI). These include:

***Return Call to Outside Caller - Subscribers can press a key while listening to a message from an outside caller. Unity Connection will use Caller ID data to place a return call to the message sender.

Dispatch Messaging - A dispatch message can be sent to a group of subscribers, any of whom can deactivate the message once they've acted on it.

Alternate Contact Numbers - Subscribers can define up to 12 alternate contact numbers and define caller input keys for each number.

Basic Addressing Scope - Administrators can limit the addressing search scopes for users. This can be used for very basic tenant services, by separating distinct groups of users from one another.

Multiple Transfer Rules - Subscribers can modify their Alternate and Off Hours transfer rules via the TUI (currently only the Standard rule can be modified via the TUI).

For question #2 - are you referring to Listening to a voicemail from a user and pressing a key sequence to ring them back without having to exit VM and re-dial?

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: unity connection 2.1.2ES18 Features

Well looks like question 1 will be resolved with 7 so now I need to upgrade but thats fine

let me explain question 2 better

I want the user system transfer feature (ie you can call in enter your id and password and transfer to whatever your cos allows you to) but I want to be able to hit an option while logged into the mailbox to do it instead of haveing to hang up and call again to a different call handeler and log in again.

And thanks for the quick and informative response.

Cisco Employee

Re: unity connection 2.1.2ES18 Features

Yes, you can do that in 7.0 - in the custom key map conversation you can map a key in the top level subscriber conversation (i.e. where it says "press 1 for new messages, 2 to send a message..." - it will take you right to the subscriber system transfer conversation and let you dial any number allowed by the transfer restriction table associated with your COS. Smooth.

New Member

Re: unity connection 2.1.2ES18 Features

Prefect now I just need to upgrade.

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