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Unity Connection 2.x and 7.x


For the TTS integration using IMAP/Exchange.. So if the user changes their AD password, then that is broken, correct? What a burden.

Does this apply to both UC 2.x and 7.x?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 2.x and 7.x

Yes, this applies to both 2.x and 7.x - the root issue here is the only alternative is super-user rights which is not supported for IMAP access - which is what Connection is using to gain access to remote mailstores. Unity, on the other hand, is running with special access via MAPI - which has it's own headaches (notably it's not supported by other messaging vendors and Microsoft is making continued use of this difficult for folks like us on their newer mailstore versions - go figure - not to mention the fact that _getting_ those special rights can cause heartburn with IT departments).

There are other possibilities for accessing remote mailstores but broad support isn't there across the industry. I believe there are discussions about vendor specific approaches here but I don't know if any are comitted for a particular release at this time. I can say that they are not there for 2.x or 7.x.

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Re: Unity Connection 2.x and 7.x

Thanks for that reply!

Security totally aside... On Exchange, do you know if you can you not authenticate IMAP sessions? I see you can lock it down from who can access the server via the protocol.

Also, so how do users change that password on their own? Can they? This just sounds so super-clunky.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 2.x and 7.x

There's no way I know of to open up Exchange like that, but I'm far from the final authority on all things possible with Microsoft message stores...

Typically you'd set it up so the user's PCA (web application) password and login match the login/pw for the email access - then the user can update their own PCA password when they change their email password. Yes, this is a bit tedious but does allow for users to control their own fate. The user guide for email access notes this:

there's really no other viable solution for IMAP access to external mailstores in anything like a secure mechanism.

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