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New Member

Unity Connection 2.x


I am setting up a IVR with the following set-up -

CUCM config -

CUCM CTI RP 3969 - CFA to VM

Unity Connection config -

System Call Handler -

IVR Main

Option 1 Sales

Option 2 Engineering

Option 3 Accounts


Under the Main IVR l have set-up Caller Inputs to Call Handlers that will then transfer to each one of the repective DDI numbers in the department.

When l call 3969 it rings through to CUC but you do not receive the Greeting for the Options above.

Here is the error RTMT feeds back -

12/11/2008 13:35:42.727 |8304,ACIPTSUB01-1-001,8CB4D6E4547C4AC0A33ADA0DC095CFD6,CDE,14,Failed to retrieve Greeting's Stream 0x80046401 (Src/CsCallGreeting.cpp 66)|

12/11/2008 13:35:42.727 |8304,ACIPTSUB01-1-001,8CB4D6E4547C4AC0A33ADA0DC095CFD6,CDE,14,Failed to retrieve Call Handler's Spoken Name Stream 0x80046401 (Src/CsCallHandler.cpp 549)|

Any help would be most appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 2.x

Have a look at the Personal Call Transfer rules try Transfering to Extension (as

opposed to Greeting)

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 2.x

Looks like your greetings are corrupt - how did you record them? Any chance this was an import from BAT or migration? Or did you paste them into the media master control from a prerecorded WAV file?

If they were pasted or imported, it's possible that they were 729a or GSM or something that Connection's media library doesn't support - if that's the case, I'd record them again over the phone (or use TRAP from the SA) and verify.

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 2.x

Thanks for feedback.

In regards to the 1st reply -

I have tried to login into the PCA to change the Personal Greetings, but l am unable to login at the moment.

In regards to the 2nd reply -

I created the greeting on the main Call Handler on an IP Phone.

When l call the CTI RP l get the following message (extension is unavailable) it then rings off to the Operator DDI number.



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 2.x

well, not much to go on here - this is easily doable in Connection and is base functionality that's been there in all Unity products for a decade - quite certain this isn't any kind of basic functionality issue based on your description - something else is going on at a configuration level somewhere that will require someone to look at some traces or the like - difficult to troubleshoot problems with media stream paths and such out here on the forum - I'd suggest opening a case with TAC if you haven't already. You're not doing anything too fancy here...

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