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Unity Connection 7.0 Caller Input

We recently migrated to connection 7.0 from Unity 4.0.5 using COBRA. We have one user who has multiple caller inputs. When the caller chooses any of the options, the call is immediately transferred to the greeting instead of ringing the device. We have it set to attempt transfer. Any ideas on where I should look?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.0 Caller Input

Hi Linda,

I would check on the subscriber's transfer rules to see if they are set to "Greeting" rather than "Extension".

Edit>Transfer Rules>Transfer Action>Transfer Calls To:

Fill in the Extension field with the # you want to ring (probably their own extension in your case)

Hope that helps,


New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.0 Caller Input

Hi Brad,

We did not have that field checked but when we did, we saw no differing behavior. The calls continue to forward to VM directly. Could it be a Callmanager flag missing? I wonder if the call is not returning back to our Callmanager 4.1(3).

I appreciate the suggestion and any other ideas that are out there.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.0 Caller Input


Sorry, I should have been a little more clear. What I explained prior is to be done on the destination subscriber(s) account, not on the subscriber account that's configured with all of the caller input options.

ie: User A has caller input option 1 to transfer to User B's phone. So, on User B's Transfer Rules, this is where you would set it to User B's extension. If this is set properly and the call flow is as you explain, UC will simply do a blind transfer to the phone.

Sorry for any confusion.


New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.0 Caller Input


I understood you to mean the destination extension.

We have since learned through a TAC case that we neglected to add the calling search spaces of those subscribers to the for the VM.

I appreciate your help with this. Thanks.

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