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Unity Connection 7.0 DR


Has anyone used Cobras as a solution for DR with a cold standby Unity Connection 7.0 Server?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.0 DR

answered via email but I'll post here just to keep things tidy.

Gotta be a little careful here since the official line is the DRS scripts are the only supported disaster recovery plan for Connection - but that said...

First off, currently COBRAS doesn't do exports for Connection 7.x - it will in about 5 weeks give or take depending on QA cycles I can steal from the Connection team - those are tight these days and that's definitely the bottleneck at this point. Testing COBRAS is complex and tedious stuff.

The official line is that the DRS scripts are what should be used for disaster recovery for Connection since they get everything - COBRAS doesn't get a lot of details such as system configuration (switch settings, advanced settings, external service configuration such as fax setup etc...) - so you have to install, configure all that then you can restore your handlers, users, DLs and such with COBRAS - it's not really designed as a replacement for DRS although I have an inbox full of people asking when I'll have the Connection export ready to go because they don't care for the DRS functionality - and COBRAS offers restores of individual objects and/or messages which is more appealing to a lot of sites than the full restore you have to do with DRS.

COBRAS official target was for migrations between versions of Unity and Unity to Connection migrations and "merges" of systems onto consolidated platforms so that's what we've been hitting the hardest. It may grow up to be a complete replacement for DRS but not any time soon. If your site doesn't have a lot invested in external configuration items, lots of COS/permissions setup and such, COBRAS may be a viable disaster recovery plan - but that's not the stated goal of the tool.

But as ever if there's something missing from the tool that can make it work a bit better for you in this, or any other regard, do let us know and I'll stick it on the to-do list.

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